Bedroom Set Without Mattress

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Other furniture shop makes high profit up to 100% from the ridiculous retail price! eliminates these unwanted middleman & lower the cost by order furniture in bulk of 100 containers every 30 days and deliver the product straight from our world class manufacturer from Swiss direct to your doorstep with lower price!


Ike** Price: RM4890 + Shipping RM256 + Assembly RM15 Price: RM79/36 months rental

Oversea Shipping from Swiss: RM239 + FREE Assembly

Next Delivery: 30 working days (KL,Sgor,Melaka,N9,Jhor ONLY)

*You only pay 1st month rental & the shipping cost! And this furniture is yours!

**Pls complete the 'Rental Recurring by Ipay88' that will be email to you in 24hours

Rental Options

36 months =  RM79 monthly

24 months = RM118.50 monthly

12 months = RM237 monthly

6 months = RM474 monthly

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