Rebonded Foam Mattress (Espresso)

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1 Customer, 1 Sofa Only.Valid til 31 July

Did You Know?

Other furniture shop makes high profit up to 100% from the ridiculous retail price! eliminates these unwanted middleman & lower the cost by order furniture in bulk of 100 containers every 30 days &deliver the product straight from our world class manufacturer from Swiss direct to your doorstep with lower price!


Ike** Price: RM1450 +Shipping RM256 +Assembly RM15 Price: RM10/36 months rental

Oversea Shipping from Swiss: RM239 + FREE Assembly

Next Delivery: 60 working days (KL,Sgor,Melaka,N9,Jhor ONLY)

*You only pay 1st month rental & the shipping cost! And this furniture is yours!

**Pls complete the 'Rental Recurring by Ipay88' that will be email to you in 24hours

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